Kelly Quinzel
The Brainless Deer

The Brainless Deer

The Brainless Deer

Folktale about; 

‘A lion had who is nearly dying and a Fox stayed with him. The Lion has a craving for the Deer who lives in the forest, but the Lion is too weak to kill the Deer himself, so he asks the Fox to use his ‘Sweet Speech’ to speak with the Deer to get him into the cave for the Lion. 

After a fail first attempt and on the second attempt the Fox has tricked the Deer into returning. The Fox took the Deer’s brain for himself. His explanation to the Lion for the brain’s absence is that the Deer is so silly, it cannot have had the equipment to think with.’ 

I have used the original Folktale The Deer without a Heart to interpret into The Brainless Deer to a more fitting storytelling from my perspective.

Deer was part of a body of work represents a reinterpretation of an ancient Folktale ‘The Deer without a Heart’. Using my vocabulary of stitch, drawing and cloth, I retell this fable which has resonance for animal rights today.

Also by using the narrative from the remit of a children’s story to an adult audience, the dark storyline is made clear.

The juxtaposition of tactility, delicacy and stitch along slide this dark storyline offers a different way of reality a narrative.

The original painting measures the A4 size and was created with watercolour.
Printed on matte textured paper on 130 gsm/thickness.
Size A4




15 GBP