Kelly Quinzel


'Fox' was created in 2016.

I use the image of a red fox to symbolic the journey of reaching enlightenment in a spiritual sense, the red fox is swift in tricky situations and the symbolism of the fox within storytelling and different cultural references; includes “cunning,” “crafty,” and “sly” which are personality traits that  become synonymous with the term “fox.”’’

‘‘Despite concerted efforts to destroy the fox, the species has shown the remarkable adaptive success.’’ Chadwick – ‎1993

The storyline of a red fox living in an urban environment and learning to adapt and making the best out of situations, to understand there are places to belong and some in which you cannot.

The original painting measures the A4 size and was created with watercolour.
Printed on matte textured paper on 130 gsm/thickness.
Size A4

Please allow for 2-3 days for order processing.

15 GBP