Kelly Quinzel
Hand embroidery: Deer

Hand embroidery: Deer

'Deer' was created in 2016.

'Deer' was part of a body of work represents a reinterpretation of an ancient Folktale ‘The Deer without a Hear’. Using my vocabulary of stitch, drawing and cloth, I retell this fable which has resonance for animal rights today.

Also by using the narrative from the remit of a children’s story to an adult audience, the dark storyline is made clear.

The juxtaposition of tactility, delicacy and stitch along slide this dark storyline offers a different way of reality a narrative.

'Deer' has been exhibited at MMU degree show, 2016.

Hand-stitched, ideal for wall hanging.
Measured 67cm height and 37cm width.

Please allow for 2-3 days for order processing.
50 GBP